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Enable completed claims to be reopened to make a payment or edit

Enable completed claims to be reopened to make a payment or edit

Please allow completed claims to be opened in order to make a re-processed payment or edit in some way.

t's easy to click that claim is completed by mistake - or - you think it's completed but for 1 reason or another, need to reopen it to resubmit; post a second insurance check you weren't expecting, etc., etc. I can't tell you how many times this would've helped. You need to be able to keep the history of the claim, but often can't in order to manipulate the system to do what you need to do.

One missed key can cause a domino effect of having to uncheck/recheck "Insurable" on each transaction just to re-create a claim. Then you have to go back and re-link any previous payments to the new claim number. Now you have to keep track of TWO claims so you have the original date of submission, etc.

While you are working on claims, can we also attach personal payments and discounts to a particular claim? A feature was added under claims filing to check a box to make discounts appear on the claim but we can't associate a particular claim with a discount so all discounts posted the same day transmit on that claim. An example: If we were to do an exam and Xray. If we were to discount the exam fee and only want to transmit a charge for an x-ray. We would be able to mark the exam non insurable but not the discount because it isn't associated with a particular claim. The claim for then read Xray and Discount. It looks like we didn't charge for the x-ray. 
Same goes for adjustments made. If we do a write off that is associated with the claim and later have to make an adjustment, the adjustment isn't associated. if viewing completed claims/review transactions/can't tell that an adjustment was made

Canine III


Canine III

YES please! This would be so nice! 

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Interesting. OK will add to the backlog.