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Implant Tracking Form/Tab - Healing Abutment size field

Implant Tracking Form/Tab - Healing Abutment size field

It would be very beneficial for WinOMS/CS to add a field to the Implant tab where the healing abutment size can be entered.  I was told I cannot customize the Implant tab, but perhaps WinOMS can add a field for abutment sizes under the Exposure section of the Implant tab.  It only makes sense to be able to track all of the implant-related items under the same Implant tab.  

Canine III

That would be the dream to make the implant tab useful! This has been requested for YEARS!!! Such a HUGE thing for an oral surgery practice. The "wish list" coming from OS offices is frequently ignored unfortunately. It's frustrating. 

Canine II

I would think that if it has been repeatedly requested WinOMS could program this field into the Implant tab...sounds like an easy fix.  

Canine III

A LOT of different features have been requested by daily WinOMS users all over the country. Most requests are ignored. Such a bummer. 

First Molar I

This would be a fabulous addition to SoftDent as well.