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Insurance Reports Enhancements

Insurance Reports Enhancements

I would like to see  a report that lists the following 

Production/Write-offs/patients pays By Carrier & by code 

When you leave the Company 0 - this should include all with a summary by carrier 


bryandental‌ , you can vote here for the insurance reports enhancements , add comments , or add a new idea for more enhancements for the reports 

Canine III

I would like to participate.

First Molar I

A report listing which plans are assigned to a Fee Schedule would be very useful !   We often have third party payors who switch Fee Schedules.   A report would enable us to quickly locate those patient accounts effected by TPP Fee Schedule Change  before incorrect collections and tx planning situations arose.    

Premolar I

A way to track insurance income by insurance company. The only way I can track income is by plan which is very tedious.

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Good stuff. Thanks!