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Need more space to write in appointment notes

Need more space to write in appointment notes

"This note space is so important.  We place notes ref if we have called for sooner, if we move appointment slightly up or done. information about co-coordinating with another office.More spaced needed." [sic]

"It gets tiring to write in code to get everything in"

"Also for account notes - I try to keep notes of when i spoke to a pt. or send a past due notice etc... I always run out of room" 


First Molar I

I would like more characters  in lots of things....memos, scheduler notes, etc. Even with the space you do have, it cuts off and you really don't have what you think.  We have learned to abbreviate but its not always complete.

AND I really want most recent memos at the top not the bottom. It would be easier to look up, even tho we print them daily.


Canine II

What I think would be nice would be to have an attachment option on the pt's appointment in the scheduler where one could attach a report that had to do with the appointment or a specific x-ray etc....but I also agree that there is def not enough room in the appt note section- I've had to make notes in the column's-sometimes you can't abbreviate that much 

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

juriz‌ - check out this interesting feedback!

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Good feedback!

First Molar I

I commented on this issue back in July.  The notes sections, the memos, the appointment notes ALL tease you with more space than you have to write a note.  Either provide the space for all characters and show less space....of course I want the space for all characters and maybe even a few more for notes!!