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Removing the Step of Converting Walk-ins

Removing the Step of Converting Walk-ins

Just wanted to throw this out there. There have been several points of feedback (including here on the forum) regarding the "First Visit" piece of data.

My understanding is that "First Visit" and converting a walk-in are coupled together. In thinking about that, I feel (and have observed from others and here on the forum) that this understanding is influencing different kinds of behavior that wouldn't have happened if that data field and action aren't coupled with each other.

For example, when a new patient has their consultation visit scheduled, the administrator may receive the referral prior to the appointment. However, they can't attach the referral to the incoming patient's workspace because it doesn't exist. It doesn't exist because the walk-in hasn't been converted yet. They haven't been converted yet because the office wanted to reflect "First Visit" to be when the new patient shows up in the office and not when they converted them from a walk-in so they would convert the walk-in the day of the appointment.

How do you feel if converting walk-ins was no longer a step and that any new patient that's created automatically has a patient workspace for them? Aside from addressing "First Visit" (possibly by tying it to their first charge in the ledger or first successful checkin from the scheduler), are there any other reasons why you would want to have to have that second step of creating that patient workspace? Are there reasons you can foresee benefitting from not having to convert walk-ins and having their patient workspace available before the first visit (assuming first visit gets tweaked as mentioned among other similar items that are coupled with the action of converting a walk-in)?.

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Nice work Kris, I saw how you can split patient payments in the same account and I didn't see where you can post to different providers in a line item fashion. Will that be a part of the Phoenix as well.


Premolar II

Hey thanks bert‌,

When you post a charge you assign a provider but currently payments are handled in a FIFO manner.  So correct no line item.  The backend of the system is line item but the UI and workflow is FIFO - as it has been explained to me.  This should make the switch to line item accounting easier if we decide to do that.

Hope this helps and thanks for being so active in this space \(^_^)/


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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Kris, they may not be the correct forum, however short appointments (15 minutes) do not show the patients name.

Smiley Dental Surgery



1:15 appointment for Alijah Smith


Hey alijah‌ If you hover over the appointment, it will display the details including the patient name. This is true for appointments less than 45 minutes. If you single click on any appointment, you will get the Appointment Details popup. If you double click on any appointment, you will open the Appointment Card UI.

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Kris, 9/8 for Smile Dental Surgery is double booked at almost all appointment times. How?


alijah‌ - Not sure how the data got into this state, but you can double (triple, etc.) book appointments in a given time slot in Phoenix. What you are seeing on 9/8 is obviously very unusual and unlikely to happen, but it does illustrate the ability to double book appointments or overlap appointment bookings.

To do this you can drag & drop an appointment onto a slot that has an existing appointment. Alternatively, you can select the time slots during which an appointment is already booked, but interacting with the sliver of dayview (white) space in the chair column to the right of the appointment tile (blue). Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Premolar II

We aren't usually as worried about that "First Visit" within an individual patient's chart; we are concerned with what it effects. We prefer to wait to convert them until they come for two reasons:

  1. TruForms Conversions. It is significantly less work for our receptionists to convert an online registration (via TruForms) rather than to enter all that info by hand. Patients don't complete their online registration until they have already scheduled an appointment. (We would not want to prevent appointments and lose business by requiring them to do a registration first, so that's not an option.) To my knowledge, TruForms registrations can only be processed like this during the initial conversion.
  2. This may be addressed in the fix you described above, but First Visits are mostly important for us to define which patients are actually "new" patients seen within a reporting period. If we convert the patient ahead of time, we would need a way to know how many new patients were actually seen in a given period, not just how many were Scheduled for their first time.
Premolar II

I am changing my vote on this. I was recently made aware that there is still a way to use the TruForms registration with import of information for existing patients, so that makes concern #1 null and void. We were previously told that was not possible.

If you could tie the First Visit to first charges as you described above (or maybe the first non-cancelled appointment?), I see no reason that the idea of conversion would still be important. Offices who predominantly use paper charts  may feel differently, but I can now see the merits to having the conversion step removed altogether in a paperless system.

Thank you for allowing me the time to come around, christopher.octa!

Premolar III

Most client prep charts in advance, so they will convert their registrations as soon as they come across, rather than waiting for the patient to check in for their first appointment.  Offices also set up charts before they get the registrations so they can document insurance verification and prep consent forms inside WINOMS rather than using manual spreadsheets, etc outside of the system.  We have things set up so that we can do everything inside WINOMS using EMR consent forms and EMR notes functionality.  If you wait til they check in, this delays the check-in process as the patient is sitting there watching you click through the screens (and thinking why didn't you do this before I got here if the whole point was to save me time?).  Plus if the patient failed to provide the insurance information in the registration, if you don't check it until check-in, you will be scrambling to get the correct information and won't have the time to verify benefits before they check out, leading to higher Accounts Receivable.

What I have found is the date is set by the date the chart was created, NOT by the date the registration was processed.  I have a patient that was created on 3/7 but their first appointment date was 4/20 and their registration was processed on 4/20.  The first visit field date was set to 3/7, which is a date totally irrelevant to the patient other than it's the date they first called.

First visit field date should be set to first appointment date.  If for any reason a chart is created before an appointment is made, then it should just be set to zero and then when the appointment gets created, it should get set.

This field drives the first visit survey being sent out by 3rd party vendors for appointment reminders and review gathering.  Therefore it's not working correctly for the majority of patients since most patients aren't seen the same day they called for the first time.  Also I believe this might be why Pearl is currently not showing correct appointment history information.

We only leave patients as walk-ins if we aren't sure they are going to keep their appointment and aren't going to start prepping their chart.  As soon as we get a pano, referral, or insurance information, they get converted to patients so that we can attach items to them.