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Dental Warranty Code implementation

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We are getting ready to implement a Dental Warranty to be offered to our patients.  The patient will pay 12% of the treatment plan cost.  How do I create a code with these specifications.  If not a way to do that, how do you currently handle dental warranty on the treatment plan.  Thanks Michelle

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Re: Dental Warranty Code implementation

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     There are a couple ways this can be addressed in the program, but it depends on how you want this additional charge tracked.

     If you want it tracked as production, you can create a custom "other" code in your transaction code list for this which would require manual calculation of the amount each time. This could be included in a treatment plan proposal.

     If you don't want it to show as production and want to track it as an adjustment, an Automatic Adjustment code could be created to calculate the percentage automatically at checkout. This Automatic Adjustment code could then be turned on/off for specific procedures and for specific patients. This type of code cannot be used within a treatment plan and would not show on treatment plan proposals.

     I've pulled up your account using your profile and will reach out to you directly on this to discuss your options.