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PracticeWorks: Adding or Changing the Order of Appointment Book Chairs

PracticeWorks: Adding or Changing the Order of Appointment Book Chairs


  • Chair names are case sensitive! Always be careful to distinguish between, for example, Chair "a" and Chair "A", which the software will treat as two different Chairs. This can be the root of certain "missing Appointment" problems.
  • It is possible to display up to 15 chairs at once in a single Appointment Book within the PracticeWorks Software. A total of 300 chairs may be spread out over a variety of different Appointment Books.
  • The older PracticeWorks Express Software product had a limit of only five chairs. Offices that are unable to add more than five chairs should upgrade to the full version of the software.

IMPORTANT: When a new Chair is successfully added to an ApptBook, it will appear retroactively on the older, previous Appointment Pages as well as in the present and future Pages.

Follow these steps below to add a chair:

 1. Exit from the PracticeWorks Software on all workstations and the Server.

 2. Click Start in the lower corner of the computer screen.

 3. Click All Programs (on some computers this option appears as simply Programs).

 4. Click PracticeWorks Software (older versions may say PracticeWorks or PracticeWorks Office here).

 5. Click Configuration of PracticeWorks Software (older versions may say Office Configuration or Office or Express Configuration).

 6. Click Setup.

 7. Click Appointment Book.

 8. Click Chair names.

 9. On the "Appointment Chairs" window, click Add to add an all-new chair.

 10. Enter a name for the new chair in the "Appointment Chair" window which appears.

 11. Click OK to save the new name.

 12. Click Close.

 13. Reopen PracticeWorks.

 14. Click ApptBook.

 15. Click Different book.

 16. Select the desired book and click Edit.

 17. Examine the list of chairs, clicking Add chair whenever the desired new chair has not yet appeared.

 18. Select the desired new chair and click OK.

 19. If necessary, re-position the new chair in sequence on the "Appointment Book Definition" page by using the Move chair up or Move chair down button options.

 20. Click OK to close the "Appointment Book Definition" window.

Additional training on this topic is available in the Carestream Dental Institute.

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