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PracticeWorks: Changing/Resetting Employee Passwords

PracticeWorks: Changing/Resetting Employee Passwords


  • In offices using Strong Password Protection, whenever a workstation "times out," the next person to log in on it must have a security level that is equal to or higher than the level of the person who was originally logged into the workstation when the timeout occurred.
  • Changing/resetting/reassigning an employee's password requires a Level 10 Security Access. This level is typically only assigned to the doctor and/or the practice owner. To perform this operation, a Level 10 employee should follow the steps below.

1. Click Lists.

2. Click Employees.

3. Highlight the name of the employee whose password requires changing.

4. Click Edit.

5. Click on the Other tab (older versions of PracticeWorks label this as the Security/Timecard tab).

6. Click Security settings.

7. Click Change password.

8. Leave the Old password field blank, and enter the new password into the New password field.

9. Re-enter the new password in the Enter new password again for verification field.

10. Click OK to save the new password.

  • IMPORTANT: In cases where the software stops again immediately after this step and prompts the user for their initials and password to authorize the change, be sure to use the old password (for the last time) for this verification. Once this final verification is completed, the old password will be changed to the new password.

11. Click OK to close Security properties.

12. OK to close Employee Properties.

13. Click Cancel to close the Employee List.

14. Test the new password by clicking Activities, and log in using the new password.

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