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PracticeWorks: Insurance Company Payor ID Number

PracticeWorks: Insurance Company Payor ID Number

If you use the Carestream eClaims service, use the attached document to look up the Payer ID number by insurance company name.

If you use a third party eClaims service, contact the third party provider for assistance.

IMPORTANT: The five-digit numeric Payer ID number used when processing eClaims through Carestream Dental are specific to our software. These are not the  Payer ID numbers that are assigned by the insurance companies. Our eServices clearing house translates our specific Payer ID numbers into the Payer ID numbers used by the insurance company before processing the claim.

For a list of all Payer ID numbers that have been loaded into your copy of PracticeWorks software, go to File > Print > Insurance > Insurance Company List (Condensed with Payer IDs).

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How do we know on our end if the Payor Id is being translated correctly?  For instance, i have one insurance company that always denys my electronic claims.  They stated that we are using the wrong Payor ID for the insurance company.

The payor IDs that we use are the ones given to use by the Change Healthcare (CH) clearing house. Once they are submitted, as long as it is the correct ID that CH uses for that insurance company, it will be forwarded to them successfully. 

If the claims are being denied we can look up in the system to find out why they are being denied, be it due to the incorrect internal ID being used, or for some other reason.  Please give our support team a call and one of our Front line representatives will be able to assist you. you can find those numbers located here.


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