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PracticeWorks: Setting Up a Scanner from the Attachments Button

PracticeWorks: Setting Up a Scanner from the Attachments Button

Accessing the Scanner through the Attachments Button Feature

  • *NOTE: Scanners must be TWAIN-compatible to function inside of the software.
  • No special setup is required when accessing a scanner from the Attachments button on a patient's clipboard, as long as the scanner is TWAIN-compatible. Just open the Attachments from the clipboard or the chart, and click Add and then Scan/Acquire. The system will automatically look for and recognize any available scanners without additional setup.

To set up the scanner inside of PracticeWorks:
1. Click Experts > Automation experts > Responses > TWAIN configurations
2. Click Add
3. Select the name of the scanner from the drop down menu.

  • *Note: If the name is not an option in this menu, it's not recognized as a TWAIN device. Do not select "Ask user".

4. In Document type, select TWAIN document
5. In Area to attach, select Document
6. In Description, enter Scanner
7. Check the boxes for Show the devices configuration screen when capturing an image and Prompt for description when capturing an image
8. Click OK
9. Click Cancel

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