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We Are Committed To You!


In reference to your statement "We are committed to you" from last year.  I would ask that as CEO you could look into the appauling treatment of your customers here in Scotland.  Carestream had been leading the way as regards electronic integration of health service eDental programme.

However last month a sudden U-turn from the Carestream R4+ team is going to mean significant inconvenience for all practices using R4+.  I ask you to look at threads regarding 'ePrior approval'.  As you will see there are a steady number of voices dissatisfied with this sudden change to not have R4+ integrated by 1st October.  There are many grumblings of people investigating other suppliers.  As clinicians we have little time to be messed about.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this and to investigate the situation.  Hopefully enabling some action to be taken.  

Kind regards,

Gordon Kenney

Hello @grk, and thank you for reaching out to us. This post may have been missed by our R4+ team since the post was made under our PracticeWorks software area. I'm going to tag someone from their team here so they see it. 

@Anon and @simonhancock adding you to the conversation.

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