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Canine II

How to solve the Run-time error 70

Error while opening theR4

Dear All,

What can be the reason of this error, i get this while opening R4.

Once i double click the icon of R4 i get it.

Can anyone help me to solve this issue, solution should be other than re-installing it.

Thank you

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Canine III

Re: How to solve the Run-time error 70

Hello Mohammed,

It looks as though you are not logging in with a Windows Administrator account or the account you are using does not have full control over the Kodak Dental Systems folder where the R4 files are stored.

If you can first try to log out of Windows & try to log in as a Windows Administrator. If this does not work, I will guide you through how to change the permissions on the folder.

  1. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)
  2. Right click on 'KODAK Dental Systems' & click on 'Properties'
  3. Click on the 'Security' tab at the top
  4. Click on 'Edit...' & then click on 'Add...'
  5. In the blank box type in 'Everyone' & click on 'Check Names' - this should underline the word 'Everyone'
  6. Click 'OK' to this box & then click 'Apply'
  7. Try and load R4 again once the changes have been applied.

If your issue persists then please message me & I can arrange for someone from the helpdesk to call you to resolve the issue.



Canine II

Re: How to solve the Run-time error 70

That was really helpful thank you.

Issue is solved now.