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3 reasons why you should upgrade your hardware today!

3 reasons why you should upgrade your hardware today!


3 reasons why you should upgrade your hardware today!

(Protect your data, Increase staff productivity, Save money!)


For years people have been putting up with old sluggish computers and simply not planning for the future, often only willing to consider replacing hardware when something goes wrong.  Users have got away with running an un-patched / unsecured operating system while waiting for the inevitable to happen.

Dental professionals will educate their patients on how to maintain good oral health, however at the same time neglect basic housing keeping methods in their practice by undervaluing the purpose and role of the computers that help manage their business.

The relative cost of hardware today is lower than compared to 10 years ago. Whilst replenishing hardware might run into several thousand pounds, the cost of a single failure on a server where users are unable to book appointments or treat patients could easily exceed the cost of replacing an entire network of PC's due to the amount of unplanned downtime.

Whilst some users have told us they are prepared to "take the risk", data security is often not considered. The "it's not been a problem previously, it's not a problem today" approach is likely to catch-up with users at some point as it cannot be predicted as to what will come next. If hardware is over 7 years old then there is a good chance that you are running out of date software, so act now!

If protecting your data is not enough to convince you to plan for future IT purchases, then please consider that PC performance will decline over the years without good housekeeping. As a result productivity from staff on reception or in the surgery will decrease. It's not uncommon to hear comments such as "I should have upgraded years ago" once new hardware is introduced.

Believe it or not, purchasing new PC's could save you money! Large PC manufacturers such as DELL and HP are committed to designing new products that are more environmentally friendly. A 12 year PC (Dell OptiplexGX280)  costs approximately £40 per year to run whilst a new PC today could cost as little as £7 per year to run! Additionally, replacing old monitors of an equivalent age with larger LED monitors will likely to reduce your energy costs from around £10 per year per monitor to approximately £4 per year per monitor!

If you have any questions or concerns then please feel free to respond to this thread or call our Support desk on 0845 230 2451 or our sales team on 0800 169 9696 regarding updating your hardware and software

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