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CS R4+ Adding and Editing Appointment Types

CS R4+ Adding and Editing Appointment Types

The attached handout show you how to add new appointment types as well as how to edit existing appointment types so that they match the requirements at the practice.


Good afternoon,

I am in the process of tidying up our appointment type selection as we no longer require some items, such as scale and polish. A few others that I can not deal with as they are Stock appointment type and I can only amend the time however I do need to delete these for ease of use for our reception staff how would I go about doing this.

Many Thanks


Hi Sian,

Unfortunately it is not possible to delete any of the Stock Appointment types in R4 because they are linked to specific areas within R4, such as recalls.  Therefore, in order to prevent issues arising in these areas, these Stock Appointments cannot be deleted.



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