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Updated Scottish CS R4+eDental FAQ.pdf

Updated Scottish CS R4+eDental FAQ.pdf

Here is the latest version of the eDental FAQ, updated for recent changes and Beta feedback.


where do you do a patient search from?

Dear Rosemary,

Thank you for your question, there are a couple of workflows to do a patient search, for both of them you need to have an open course of treatment, as the search has to include the treating dentist in the search parameters.

The first place to do a search is in the patient's chart by clicking on 'Tools' (in the menu bar at the top of the screen) followed by 'Search NHS Patient', it is only mandatory to do a patient search if the patient does not have a valid CHI number in their record, but through this workflow you can do a search on any patient to check their details with the NHS.

The second place is when sending the claim if a valid CHI number is not present the system will prompt you that you need to do a patient search before sending the claim, on this dialogue there will be an option for 'search now'. Note that as there is no valid CHI you won't be able to send the claim until the search has been completed and a result selected.

Hope the above helps.

Kind Regards


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