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Canine II

8.1.3 update ???

What is happening with this?
I’ve had reports that it’s been withdrawn due to too many bugs?
Some communication would be good. Instead of vague “ check the exchange” when no updates are posted.
I have ortho claims that I still can’t process.. and can’t get paid for work I have finished. Practitioner services will not accept claims any other way so please can you get it sorted. It’s nearly 12 months since this was rolled out. And I still can’t send claims... really not fit for purpose is it?
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: 8.1.3 update ???

Hello @Jainemac 

I apologize for the delayed response. It looks like there are a couple of conversations related to 8.1.3 that may be helpful, you can find them with the links below.

I am also adding @ianpye and @matthewbridge as they may have more information as well. 

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