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Canine II

Appointment Diary 1 line per appointment

Our appointment is set-up to show 5minute increments in the appointment diary. If a patient is booked in for 30minutes this occupies 6 lines on the appointment book, meaning for a full day we have to scroll down the page to view later appointments.

How do we amend the appointment book settings to show each patient appointment as 1 line on the book no matter what the time lenght of the appointment?


Thank you.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Appointment Diary 1 line per appointment

Hi @leekeenan,

Many thanks for your post.

This can be amended by unticking an option within the planner options.

Planner > Options > Untick "Show appointment as row height"

Please note this is an individual user setting so unticking on 1 account doesn't amend everyone's.