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Canine II

Chart Colours

Morning, I wish to change the colours of the restorations on the chart in R4. I know this is possible, but I want to do it on bulk for all users. Is this possible please?

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The option to change the chart colours is a user specific setting so there is no way to change it for all users at the same time.  Each user has to change the colours under their own ID.



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Please can you advise how to change the colours and colours of the writing please?
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Good Afternoon

To change the martial colours, please follow the below steps:

1. From a patients charting screen, click Tools

2. Select options

3. select the tab "colours"

4. Select the colour next to each material, a colour wheel will appear.

5. select your prefered colour, click ok.


It is not currently possible to change the colour of the text inside the R4 Practice management system
If you think this would be a good idea for the development team to add in the future, please make a post on the ideas page:



Kind Regards
Liam Rushton
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Sorry i think i called it the wrong name. 

Not the chart i mean the appointment book. 

As the writing on a colleagues book is white so it is hard to read the names that are booked in on the day.

Hope that makes sense!


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Hi @Adelaidehouse,

Yes that makes sense, it would likely be one of the 2 below.

If the slot is filled with a patient:
It will be based on the setting that is setup for each individual account.
1) Main Menu
2) Edit > Settings
3) Under the first tab > Appointment Book Colours. Put the dot in scheme colour (unless you have setup appointment colours and would prefer that)

If the slot is blank:
1) Load Planner
2) View > Session Types
3) Find the session type that is appearing as white
4) Amend to the colour that you wish

If it isn't either of those, let me know or alternatively contact the helpdesk on 0330 094 8194 where we can take a further look.

That worked!!!!

Thank you soo much 🙂

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If there is anything else don't be afraid to let us know 🙂



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