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Canine II

Clinical data set and the BSA


The BSA has indicated that it will be more strict when it comes to the clinical data set on the FP17.

At the momnet most of the codes match the correct UDA banding. 

However there are at least three codes that do not.

One is appliances 2991, the other is code 1011 perio. Also denture repair does not match with the BSA.

The first do do not generate the correct band for the BSA clinical data set.

I was wondering if there was going to be an update to sort out the problem.


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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee


Can you clarify the guidance you have been given is definately for the "existing" UDA (Charge) Banding of these treatments and not the "new" CDS (Validation) Banding.

These are different in some cases, can you also supply the guidance you've been given so we can check against what we have been supplied.

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