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Free text reminders

Hello. We are having a nightmare at the moment setting up free text reminders automatically via our practice NHS email. IT have been out and set up the scheduler to run every morning at 10am but for some reason the texts are not sending. We are now in a worse off position as R4 have been changing settings left right and centre and this has caused our email reminders to stop also! So currently none of our patients are getting any reminders at all!! Please can someone help. We have spent hours on the phone to LEVEL2 yest-(Matt) with no luck. I have been told by colleagues that there is way to set this up
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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Free text reminders

Hi Seema,

I have spoken to the practice in regards to this and was advised that you was going back to just sending out emails.

Is this the case? If not I am happy to have another look into the issue.

Kind Regards


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