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HC3 Partial Exemption on Exempt!

Hi everyone

Can the patient banner be changed for patients who hold a HC3 partial exemption certificate.

At the moment the banner says exempt - but they are not really exempt as they still have to pay up to a determined amount towards the cost of their NHS dental treatment and sometimes this amount is over the maximum band 3 charge.

Can the banner show partial exemption or can it just be left as if showing that the patients pays?

Just a thought

Many thanks


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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: HC3 Partial Exemption on Exempt!

Dear Kay,


Thank you for your suggestion, it would be best if you could log it under the 'ideas' section at the link below, that would then allow other users to vote on it if they also feel it would be a useful change to the system. 


Kind Regards


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