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Canine III

Patient's medical doctors

I need to do some housekeeping on patient's medical doctors.

Some doctors in our town have retired, two practices are closed and there is a merger planned with others !

What happens in R4 Clinical plus if I delete a patient's doctor from the remote contacts list ?

Does the field for this become blank in every patient record where this doctor was used ?

Am I given the opportunity to re-allocate those patients to another doctor ?

Can I produce a report listing all patients with a specific doctor ?

Many Thanks,

Ed Byrne

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Patient's medical doctors

Good Afternoon Ed

If you delete a doctor from the remote contacts list the name of the doctor is not deleted from the patient's record.

The word deleted is added in brackets  after the doctors name on the patient's medical tab

And, of course the name of the doctor is no longer visible in the Remote Contacts List although they can be seen/edited by selecting the "Include Deleted Contacts" option.

Kind regards

Alison Daniels

Canine III

Re: Patient's medical doctors

That is very helpful Alison.

I was worried that if a Dr was deleted, that all records relating to that Dr. might be deleted also.

However, we can now delete a Dr. who has moved, retired etc and it should be most clear to reception staff why we need to update the patient's Dr. record at the first available opportunity, and the original record is retained until then.

It may sound like a small matter, but in these days of medical record audits, if we lost the record of a patient's Dr across several hundred patients, it could have a devastating effect on any audit until all those records were updated.

Thank You.

Ed Byrne.