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Private Income

We currently have all money taken being allocated to the Clinic pot. When paying the dentists their private income on a monthly basis, I get the figure from the General Financial report. Does this include the money paid by patients when they see the hygienists on a private basis or do I need to run the Dentist Hygienist Breakdown as well and add these 2 figures together? The hygienists get paid on an hourly basis. The courses of treatment for the hygiene visit are closed by the hygienist. I need guidance so I can ensure the dentists are remunerated correctly. Thanks

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Private Income

Good Afternoon Priti,

The General Information Report shows the total amount or work completed on any given day and also any payments made on that day.   Consequently there is no correlation between work done and whether or not the patient has paid for it (either on the day of treatment or by making an advance payment previously).  

With Payment Allocation the best report to use is the Payment Allocation Detail Report as this will show only work done that has been paid for.  It also shows who has done the work and, therefore, to whom the money should be allocated.  

If the hygienists are completing their own work (it does not depend on who closes the course of treatment it is who completed the treatment item) then they will have entries in the Payment Allocation Detail Report and the amount of money that they have brought in can easily be found.  

The Dentist Hygienist Breakdown will show you the same amount so either can be used for determining the amount earned by the hygienists.  This amount is not connected with the dentist and so if you pay the dentist a percentage of the money brought in by hygienist treatment then yes this needs to be added to the dentists earnings.

Finally, only advance payments should be going into the clinic pot, all other payments will be awarded to the person completing the treatment.

I hope this is of some use to you, please do get back in touch if you have any further questions.

Kind regards

Alison Daniels