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R4 Check Out

This is a question for the developers....

We had our upgrade before the conference. So we saw the (what we now know as the parking lot - left of screen with appt details in a neat box). Wrongly we assumed it had a different function. We were so excited and then disappointed that we were wrong. 

So I would like to suggest:

We thought that the parking lot was an improved check out facility for patients. So as the clinicians in the surgeries write up their notes - it would automatically create a next appointment box (containing details of - next appt requested - how long an appt to make and what treatment it is for?) But all prepared and ready in a box such that we would click on it and drop it into an appropriate diary entry. Therefore no mistakes on how long an appoint, what its for  etc... etc...  as all details would be created from the Dentists notes - the correct treatment code would apply, the amount of time the dentists wants etc....  It would be so easy to follow up at the reception desk and just pop it into a free slot in the diary.


Furthermore, for consideration to the developers - should the patient not wish to make that appointment then and there (havn't got my diary!!)  then that patients appointment is parked in their records so when they call in Reception knows exactly what appointment needs to be scheduled.  In addition at Reception if patient does not make an appointment then and there then as we park the appointment it automatically prints the treatment plan for the patient to sign and take with them. (so many times they forget to call back - but if they walk out with signed Treatment Plan - chances of making that appt are higher???


Leave it with you


Rosebank Dental Practice



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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: R4 Check Out

Thank you for your suggestion, Please can you log this idea on the product ideas page.

Here other users are able to up-vote your idea and they have a better chance of becoming features in future releases, as i know the development team keep a close eye on that page.

Thank you

Kind regards

Liam Rushton

Kind Regards
Liam Rushton