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CS Dental Employee

CMP Weekly Release

Care Management Platform


Weekly Release

Build  | January 6th, 2020

Organizations that want to experience full credit card integration now have access to ePayments. This add on service ties CMP to the credit card processor, translating into a simplified payment workflow. 

Prerequisite for ePayments in CMP 

Prior to setup an office must enroll in the service. To initiate the process, please contact a Carestream Dental representative at 1-800-944-6365. Once enrolled ePayments is enabled in CMP. 

Setting up ePayments in CMP

Once enrollment is complete the service will be activated via the green Activate button. Prior to usage, the following configuration options must be set:

Print Receipt - Select this option to print a receipt after each credit transaction. Select the number of receipts to be printed each time.

Group Transactions by Device - If you have multiple credit card devices and would like transactions grouped by device, check this option. When unchecked all credit card transactions will be grouped together sequentially. 

Location Defaults - For offices with multiple merchant ID’s a default merchant should be selected per location.


Manage Card Devices - Found under Actions, allows devices to be renamed, typically corresponding to their location within an office. Devices are also assigned a default location.



Using ePayments in CMP

ePayments is accessible anywhere a payment can be posted in CMP. These include the patient mini card (visible from the Patient Search and other locations within CMP), Ledger, Checkout Queue, and Accounts Receivable List. With ePayments activated the Credit Card and Debit Card payment type descriptions are appended with ePay transaction.



Once the payment is posted the ePayments Transaction window provides confirmation for charge information (card device to use, merchant selection, and transaction method, i.e. insert/tap/swipe or manual entry). Selecting Submit sends the charge information to the card reader for completion. 


The receipt image appears on screen and can be printed once payment is complete.

Manually keyed payments are entered on screen. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk. The amount of the payment is pulled from the CMP transaction and indicated on the “Pay” button.  


With the transaction complete, the payment appears on the patient ledger. Selecting the payment displays the payment details along with an option to print a receipt.












The payment details are available by clicking “Transaction Details”, located below “Is Split Payment”.



Reversing a payment is accomplished by selecting the transaction and choosing “Adjust This Payment”. With the card device selected and a comment recorded the payment may be adjusted. If the payment was previously settled the funds will be refunded. If the payment was awaiting settlement the charge will be voided.

Adjust PaymentDetail.png


ePayment Reports

The ePayments report is conveniently available from the Daysheet report. Under Actions select “Run ePayments report”. When complete the report appears as a PDF which can be printed or saved.








We are excited to simplify the payment workflow by offering this service. We look forward to hearing stories from our users and ask for feedback on additional functionality to enhance the ePayments experience.