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CMP Weekly Release 0.1.4828

Care Management Platform (CMP)

Weekly Release

Build 0.1.4828  |   May 4th, 2020

This week’s CMP updates continue to expand core application functionality and deliver on recent customer requests.

All Locations Tab

CMP now provides the ability to more efficiently handle multi-location workflows. The new ‘All Locations’ tab enables you to review and manage your practice data - such as schedule worklists, outstanding revenue, and insurance claims - for several or all of your locations at once. While not all the base functionality for a single location is currently available in the ‘All Locations’ view, many of the main workflows are supported with this update. Multi-location support for additional workflows, such as Referral Activity reporting, will be provided in future updates.


The ‘All Locations’ tab is accessible from the Location Tab control (Location Tab > + > All Locations), alongside access to the other practice locations. Select ‘All Locations’ to add this new tab to your list of open tabs. The navigation and functionality of the ‘All Locations’ tab mirrors that of a standard, single-location tab. The tab displays key performance indicators (KPIs) for all practice locations, providing you with an overview of your overall performance and practice health.


Most of the components and worklist UIs in the ‘All Locations’ tab mirror their single-location counterparts. In the side panel, a new Locations filter enables you to modify the data to view one, several, or all of your practice’s locations. From here, you can complete your target workflow, such as confirming appointments via the Confirmation List or sending communications via the Referral Follow-Up List. While the Schedule DayView is limited to displaying the schedule for a single location, you can quickly swap the schedule in view using the new location selector in the banner.



Lastly, you can now link directly to an associated worklist UI from modules in Springboard. If the module is filtered to display data for all locations, then the hyperlink will redirect you to the associated worklist in the ‘All Locations’ tab. When filtered down to a single location, new hyperlinks are available to link directly to the appropriate worklist in the associated Location Tab. For example, you can link to the Confirmation List (for All Locations or a single location) via the ‘Not Confirmed’ hyperlink in the Confirmation module in Springboard.



We hope this new functionality will provide you with better multi-location workflow support. For practices with multiple locations, planned enhancements include implementing other Location Tab-based UIs into the ‘All Locations’ tab.

In-App Update Notification

CMP now notifies you when updates have been made to the application. Upon your first login following an update, you will be prompted with a dialog that provides a summary of the new functionality, as well as any other substantive changes to the application. A hyperlink is also provided that you can click to view the official release notes for the update, posted in Carestream Dental’s user community, The Exchange. The latest release notes for CMP, as well as all historical release notes, are provided here.




If you don’t have time to review the release notes when the notification pops up, simply dismiss the dialog and continue with your work. You can always access the latest CMP update information on The Exchange, as well as previous release notes, by selecting ‘What’s New’ from the User Menu. We hope that these automatic update notifications will help you stay informed about all of the exciting enhancements that we push into CMP every few weeks.

Optimizations and Fixes

The following fixes and optimizations have been added to CMP this week.

  1. Addressed a defect in which resetting a tooth to its default visual state would create a backend error.
  2. Resolved a performance issue in which the patient search reindex service would time out on very large datasets.
  3. Fixed a defect in which the Schedule DayView UI would reload unnecessarily while creating a new appointment.