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Sensei Cloud Release 0.1.5502

Sensei Cloud

Weekly Release

Build 0.1.5502  |  November 3rd, 2020

This week’s Sensei Cloud updates continue to expand core application functionality and deliver on recent customer requests.

Patient Snapshot UI Enhancements

The Patient Snapshot has been improved and slightly enlarged to display more information before scrolling is required. The patient’s summary demographics are displayed by default, and the Snapshot and Notes tabs provide more space to view key information at a glance. We are happy to provide this usability enhancement and look forward to any feedback on how to make the Patient Snapshot even more useful.


Scheduling Prompts - Booking Outside of Hours

In response to customer feedback, the Schedule DayView [Location Tab > Schedule > Day/Week View] now prompts you whenever booking an appointment outside of the location’s office hours for the day. This includes booking or rebooking even part of the appointment outside of working hours.


NOTE: Office hours are set in the Location Schedule Planning screen [Administration > Scheduler > Location Schedule Planning]. Working hours are displayed on the Schedule Day/View in white, while non-working hours are gray.


We are happy to provide this requested enhancement to our users. We look forward to your feedback on what else can be done in support of your scheduling workflows.

Automated Statements Enhancements

To improve the user experience, the Automated Statements feature [Administration Tab > eServices > Automated Statements] now provides more options for defining patient statement delivery preferences. You can now select ‘both’ email and mail from the Patient Record [Patient Tab > Patient Record]. NOTE: For conversion customers, the statement delivery preference for existing patients is maintained as part of your data conversion.


Additionally, Sensei Cloud enables you to bulk update patient statement delivery preferences, saving you time when applying changes across your customer base [Administration Tab > eServices > Automated Statements]. Click ‘Bulk Update Stmt Prefs’ in the Actions panel to apply a global change to patient preferences. NOTE: Patient records without email addresses will not get updated to ‘Email’ or ‘Both’ as part of the bulk update. 


We hope these improvements provide value to your billing workflows. We look forward to hearing what works well and what additional enhancements can be made.

Configuration of Practice Notifications

The Practice Settings have been enhanced based on customer feedback. You can now disable some of Sensei Cloud’s practice-level notifications [Administration Tab > Practice Settings > Notifications] when they are not needed. This includes the ability to disable the email notifications sent to practice administrators regarding insurance claims that require additional attention (e.g., electronic claim attachments), as well as the presence of the new eServices reports to be reviewed. NOTE: These notifications can be disabled and re-enabled at any time.


We are happy to provide this requested enhancement to our customers. We welcome additional feedback on any other system notifications that may need to be wrangled.

Balance Adjustment Enhancements

In response to customer requests, Sensei Cloud now provides more flexibility when posting balance adjustments via the Patient Ledger [Patient Tab > Financials > Ledger]. These enhancements enable you to post refunds and write-offs, regardless of the state of the patient’s current account balance or their effect on it. NOTE: This flexibility does not apply to discounts, which still require a balance due and cannot exceed its value.


You are prompted whenever posting a balance adjustment outside its normal logical boundaries. For example, you are prompted whenever posting a refund to a patient account that currently owes the practice money (thereby increasing the overall account balance). Similarly, you are prompted whenever posting a write-off that exceeds the account’s current balance (thereby creating or increasing a credit balance). These reminders are to prevent team members from posting an adjustment that may be outside the bounds of your business practices. However, users are free to post adjustments whenever deemed appropriate.



We hope that these enhancements to posting balance adjustments provide the flexibility needed when handling financial management tasks. We look forward to hearing what works well and what additional improvements can be made.

Hard Tissue Charting Enhancements

In response to customer feedback, the Hard Tissue Chart [Patient Tab > Clinical > Hard Tissue Chart] has been enhanced to visually represent a wider range of existing conditions charted against patient dentition. This includes the ability to chart some new conditions (e.g., drifting and retained roots), document more detail for existing conditions (e.g., furcation grades), and an enhanced visual markup for other conditions (e.g., impaction and abscesses). NOTE: The charting enhancements apply only to actions in ‘Current’ mode, used to chart findings made during patient examinations.


These enhancements to Current Mode charting in the Hard Tissue Chart include:

  • Abscesses are now visualized by applying a ‘ring’ to the tip of the associated root.
    • Select Root > Click ‘Abscess’.
  • Tooth drifting can now be charted with an ‘arrow’ icon designating the presence and direction of the movement.
    • Select Tooth Number > Click ‘Drifting’ > Indicate Direction.
  • Furcation now includes the ability to designate severity with a class-based icon displayed above the associated root to designate the presence and severity.
    • Select Root > Click ‘Furcation’ > Indicate Class.
  • Tooth impaction now includes the ability to designate type, and is visualized by ‘circling’ the associated tooth, with the details included in the charted event note.
    • Select Tooth Number > Click ‘Impacted’ > Indicate Type.
  • Tooth mobility now includes the ability to designate severity with a grade-based icon designating the presence and severity.
    • Select Tooth Number > Click ‘Mobile Tooth’ > Indicate Grade
  • Retained roots can now be charted for missing or extracted teeth, adding back the root anatomy to the tooth socket, which enables further charting of root-based conditions and treatments.
    • Select Tooth Number > Click ‘Retained Root’ > Indicate Root.
  • Tooth rotation can now be charted, with a ‘circular arrow’ designating the presence and direction of rotation.
    • Select Tooth Number > Click ‘Rotated’ > Indicate Direction.

While standard visual markup language has been used, the updated legend helps to acclimate users while they familiarize themselves with the Sensei Cloud chart. NOTE: While some of the charted conditions are applied directly to the associated graphical anatomy, others are designated with icons located in a grid directly outside of each tooth. Hover over the icons to display the associated details. 



We hope these enhancements improve your charting and clinical documentation workflows. We look forward to your feedback on what additional improvements can be made to meet your patient care needs.

Optimizations and Fixes

The following fixes and optimizations have been added to Sensei Cloud this week.

  1. Addressed a defect in which new medical alerts were not created when indicated as part of a patient’s medical history questionnaire.
  2. Fixed a bug in which the ‘quick jump’ controls in the Schedule DayView were not advancing the calendar accurately in some cases.
  3. Resolved an issue in which the Schedule DayView UI was not automatically updating with changes to the schedule view settings.
  4. [UK ONLY] Fixed a defect in which the associated procedure schema (e.g., NHS vs. Private) was not visually indicated within the Manage Group Procedures functionality.
  5. Resolved a bug that would sometimes interfere with the recare reminder generation workflow when there were underlying issues with the Recare Settings and associated correspondence templates.
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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Sensei Cloud Release 0.1.5502

For more information on how to edit schedule details for days on which default working hours don't apply (vacation or training days, holidays, etc.), see How to Edit Schedule Details for a Selected Day