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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Did you know: CSOI Integration

If you are a Sensei Cloud user and use CSOI to acquire images, you can now use the integrated CSOI Imaging Bridge to launch through Sensei Cloud.  

*If the CSOI software is open, you must close it before viewing/acquiring patient images.  

To complete setup:
1. Click your User Name in the upper-right corner of the screen
2. Select Administration
3. Click Imaging 
4. Select "Edit Imaging Settings" under the Actions Menu 
5. Enter the Imaging Directory data path (this is the location where images are stored when acquired). If you are not sure of your path, please IM support. 
6. Open a patient record, select Clinical > Images, under Actions select Install Imaging Bridge, click Install Bridge

To View/Acquire Patient Images: 
1. From the patient record, select Clinical > Images
2. On Actions menu, click Acquire New Image
3. CSOI will launch for the patient - all previously acquired images are located under History or you can use CSOI to acquire new images.

(Please note, images will remain stored in CSOI, in order to view them you will need to click "Acquire New Image" each time.)

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Great Tip!  

Not only does Sensei Cloud integrate with Carestream Dental Imaging Software (CSI/CSOI), we also integrate with several third-party imaging software clients, including DIGORA, Dexis Imaging Suite; Sidexis 4; and Apteryx XrayVision 4. 

The steps Debbie outlined above, will work to acquire images in those programs too.  

For more information, see How to Set Up Third-Party Imaging Integrations