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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Pro Tip: Windows 10 Dictation and Sensei Cloud Notes

I was asked recently if Sensei Cloud is going to bring out dictation in to write clinical notes. 
My response to them was Windows 10 already has this built in, so I thought I would share with everyone this easy to use method for dictating notes.

Pressing Windows key + H on your keyboard turns dictation on and off. 
If you go into any Sensei Cloud Note section and click to type a note, then turn dictation on with the keyboard shortcut, you can then talk to your computer to type your notes.

Windows 10 is very good at picking up voice and converting it to speech, of course do check what it has written before you click save. 

I have attached a small video of me using dictation inside Sensei Cloud

For more information on this windows feature, please take a look at Microsoft's Website here:


Kind Regards
Liam Rushton