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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Adding Clinical Notes does not refresh the Dentist ID with the Hyg ID if a Hyg code is entered.

In SoftDent when adding manual clinical notes if there is a Hyg code, for example: 1110 entered the Provider ID remains the Dentist ID.

If there is an existing Hyg ID in the Appointment card or in the patient record or in both the software should validate this and refresh the Provider ID with the correct Hygienist ID in the Clinical Note, if the code is a Hyg code.

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If you are manually adding a clinical note it will enter the doctor of record in the note automatically.  You will have to change the provider to the hygiene number if you want it to reflect that the hygienist made the note.

If you use one of following options, notes while posting or add clinical notes per visit or Post End of Day notes, then it will populate the clinical note with the hygienist provider number that is on the appointment card.