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Amount due on return portion of statement

It would be nice if the amount due/amount billed on the return portion of the statement.  Is there a way to do this?

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Amount due on return portion of statement

Hi. Let see if you are set up correctly. Since you were not specific to Walkout or Billing statement lets look at both.

1. Start by going into System>Form Selection. Check which form is selected for Walkout Statement and Billing Statement.

2. Click the drop down arrow and choose your form. Unless you are using pre-printed #5 is common for the Walkout statement or #7 for comments. You must choose the payment view for the Billing Statement

2018-10-12 13_53_20-CS SoftDent Software v16.2.5.png 

3. Walkout shows on the top Patient information and does show at the bottom the breakdown. It is for the patient as they leave to be reminded if they still have a balance and/or what has been completed as service and paid for date of service.

2018-10-12 13_57_24-CS SoftDent Software v16.2.5 - [WALK OUT STATEMENT].png

2018-10-12 13_57_13-CS SoftDent Software v16.2.5 - [WALK OUT STATEMENT].png

4. The Billing Statement does have the remittance on top with patients choice of how much they applied to balance.

2018-10-12 14_04_23-CS SoftDent Software v16.2.5 - [STATEMENT RUN SETUP                     ].png           



 You can always go back into patients record to see what is due when posting the payment. I like the phone Center. Because you can see what the balance is including insurance and any last payments prior to going into transactions to post.

 2018-10-12 14_06_21-.png2018-10-12 14_06_03-.png

The patient's entire balance shows along with any last payments. 

2018-10-12 14_08_02-CS SoftDent Software v16.2.5.png

Hopefully one of these can serve what you are asking for.   




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