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Auto shut down

We have been using Softdent for years.  Nothing has changed except of course the growth of the practice.  We have been having daily issues of just being shut down out of softdent.  It happens on random computers sometimes multiple times a day.  Sometimes we also get the error to ensure that the server is logged in and the gold key is running in the server system tray (again multiple computers on the network), when this happens it shuts us down but we can get right back in and keep working.  We have not been able to figure this out for over a month.  Just last week Softdent support reinstalled softdent on our server but it has made no changes to our shutdown status.  

The last issue we are having, is when trying to open our documents it freezes the whole computer and gives us the white screen.  

If anyone has experience on how to help we would really appreciate it.  We have had IT working on this for over a month now and everything we have tried has not been successful.



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@Trubino1 There used to be what I would call "Ninja" folder that Support would provide to make sure ALL computers, network settings, power settings, and the like, are properly set.  Of course, that's assuming that your hardware and operating systems are current.

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Shot in the dark: do you need more licenses? Have you added more workstations?

Softdent version 17.1.1
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nope we just added more we are good there

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