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Carestream Imaging Software 6,14 6,12 crashing


We're currently experiencing issues at an office that is running Dentrix G6 and the Kodak KDISBridge which is linking to Carestream Dental Imaging Software Version 6 (Some version variation, 6.12 and 6.14). 

After the imaging software app is up and running, within 10-15 minutes, an error message will pop up stating: An Unexpected response has been received from the server. Once this happens, you can only click OK which force quits the program. 

This happens across all workstations, about 6 of them. Some on windows 7, some on windows 10. We don't believe this to be a network issue or workstation issue. The application TW.exe is being run locally on each system. 

Any ideas? 

We also have requested information from Carestream's website about upgrading to version 7 and 8, but it has been a week and no one has replied to our request. 

We are also planning on upgrading to Dentrix 7 in the near future, which asks the question: Is version 7 or 8 of the imaging software compatible with newer versions of Dentrix? 




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