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Premolar III

Cash breakdown on the DaySheet

As done recently in the SD 17 version with regards to EFT's, many of us are desiring a similar "CASH" breakdown in the daysheet.  Currently there is a "Total cash" amount, if any.  If there are multiple patients who pay with cash, it would be nice if there was a section with all the patients listed.  Rather than having to look back into the first pages of the daysheet to determine who provided how much ...


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First Molar I

Re: Cash breakdown on the DaySheet

I have requested this on several occasions and put in my two cents with Tyson just the other day. Hopefully we can get it done in a very near version!!
CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Cash breakdown on the DaySheet

Yes! I have heard this from a few of you guys. I will look into prioritizing.