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Premolar I

Code Modifiers

I know that there has been discussion here about code modifiers but I couldn't find the original so -

I have come up with another reason that the entire code needs to be on our reporting.  Our accountant has made the comment that she can't tell if the check was entered correctly based on the code listed on the deposit slip.  She doesn't have access to Softdent to go into the transaction to see what was actually entered.  We have three different 2.             xx codes and she can't verify that they were allocated to the correct payment source.

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Premolar III

Re: Code Modifiers


Here's what I do, FWIW - I use Quicken, so at the end of the day I make entries for the deposits .... (taken from the day sheet totals):

1.  $xxx.xx for EFT's (electronic deposits) (note - this total from the day sheet accounts for your three different codes)

2.  $xxx.xx for EFT check remote deposit (we use a check scanner for manual checks, codes 2.0 and 3.0)

3.  $xxx.xx for cash (on rare occasions)

4.  $xxx.xx for ccard (credit card totals)

5.  $xxx.xx for ccard carecredit (CareCredit totals)

Our accountant doesn't need or see the daysheets, just the end of the month accounting reports - which lists the totals of all of the above for the month, as well as the production.