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Canine II

D4910 Insurance claims

D4910 Insurance claims keep being sent electronically without the periodontal history treatment on the claim. The claim gets denied because of lack of periodontal scaling  or surgery. so then we resubmit with the history of the claim. What can I do so this does not happen?

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Hello @mnlakegirl 

Am I correct in assuming you use NEA FastAttach? If so, I would go into each insurance company that you submit this code to and check the NEA tab (like you see below):


I would make sure that the correct insurance company is showing in the NEA dropdown menu in the tab and that 4910 is a code that requires attachments. NEA controls which codes show in these lists per insurance company in this dropdown, and if a code is not listed then NEA FastAttach support will have to be called. If a code does not show there, then SoftDent will not prompt it was one that requires an electronic attachment.

Thank you -I will look into this