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Demand Force

Hey All! 

Just curious on your opinion on this company. Demand Force set up a demo with us and it seemed pretty good to us. However it is expensive. I've heard there is another program called Weave but it isn't as integrated as Demand Force claims to be. Had anyone tried either of these systems? If so what are your opinions on the software is it worth it? 

Thank you!! 

Jamie - CPIA 

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First Molar I

Our office has been using WEAVE for sometime.  I am unfamiliar with Soft-dents new Program via eConnections.  I like to be informed of Soft dents offerings, so we will be inquiring about econnections very soon.  

 We installed WEAVE last year.    It was seamless, and not very expensive at all.    We can immediately receive and respond to texts in real time as they popup on the corner of our screen.   It offers voicemail, email and text messaging, two-way texting, as well as phones.  The phones that they give to you are crystal clear and so easy to use.  We were able to save money on our phone bill as well as we no longer needed some lines.  

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee


Carestream now offers a program called eConnections which includes many of the features that Demand Force has plus much more: fully integrated and customizable appointment reminders via voicemail, email and text messaging. Two way text messaging with patients. Surveys, Reputation Management and assistance with the removal of negative online reviews. Local Listings and Search Engine Optimization. Social Media creation, optimization and management.


I encourage you to call the Sales line at 800-944-6365 to be directed to the eServices Representative for your area. Let them schedule a demo with your office so you can have a more in depth look at everything this new service offers.


Thank you,

Anne Tyre