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E Forms and New Patient Appt Scheduling

We would like to see all of the information necessary to use the E Forms module on the New patient appt screen.  As it is we have to then go into Patient Information screen to add the email,cell phone etc.  It seems to be an easy fix to add this.  Don't need everything but enough that patient can create an account when trying to complete the forms. 

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Re: E Forms and New Patient Appt Scheduling

This sounds like an enhancement request that would benefit a lot of users.  I know jeffrey.urkevich​ checks this site along with the Customer Portal.  You can access the Customer Portal from and then select the Idea Exchange

I am sure your feedback will be acknowledged by jeffrey.urkevich​ as soon as he can!

Another resource is eServices Support. The general phone number is 800-262-8144 Option 4 for eServices.  Hope this helps!

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Re: E Forms and New Patient Appt Scheduling

Good morning Sharon, uniondentalcenter

Thank you for the enhancement suggestion, I agree this would be helpful to a lot of users.  Can I ask you to send me a list of fields you'd like to see in the new patient appointment screen?​

Thank you again,


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Re: E Forms and New Patient Appt Scheduling

Hi Jeff,

I have to tell you I am pleasantly surprised by your response. Thank you

so much for reaching out so quickly.

That New Patient Appointment Card should have:

Cell phone

Email address

NOT having to activate in order to send E Forms. That defeats the whole

purpose of showing new patients in pink until they enter the practice.

Also some sort of confirmation that the E Forms were actually sent inside

the schedule screen would be a great addition.

I hope to hear from you in the future to know how these changes are

progressing. I have been using Softdent since 1990 and have also spent many

years operating my own business doing training and computer support. I am

now working for a large practice on a part time basis and enjoying a semi


Thanks again,


Union Dental Center


On Mon, Jun 13, 2016 at 8:16 AM, jeffrey.urkevich <>

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: E Forms and New Patient Appt Scheduling

Hi Sharon,

A couple useful things to help you out with sending eForms to patients. First, the patient does not need to be active to get eForms in an email. However, there are some rules for it. When sending eForms to patients, as a security measure for the patient, they must verify information to create a username and password to access the eForms. There are 4 pieces of information that eForms will use: 1) Last 4 digits of the SS# 2) Patient's birthdate 3) Patient's phone number 4) Patient's zipcode. In order for an email with eForms to be sent to a new patient, you must have at least 2 of these 4 pieces of information so the patient can verify them when creating their account for eForms. Now, this rule is only to have the eForms  emailed to them ahead of the appointment. This DOES NOT affect the eForms staging under the "Review eForms" for the patient in the office to be filled out in person. For example, say a staff member makes a new patient appointment, but only gets 1 of the 4 pieces of information. An email with eForms will not go to the patient, but the eForms will still stage in the office/on the ipad. If you are finding that eForm emails are not going to new patients, I would verify that you have at 2 of the 4 pieces of information on the patient's screen. Also as a hint, many people nowadays don't have landline phones anymore, so you can put the cellphone in the home # field as well as the cell # field.  I hope this information helps you out.


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Re: E Forms and New Patient Appt Scheduling

Currently, patient's medications that they have previously entered do not show up on their eforms. Is there a way for this to happen so we do not have to manually print the patient's prescription list for them when they come in? Also if they enter their meds they do not transfer over to their medical history screen. Those to have to be manually entered. We are also having problems with patients accessing their forms from home. I have had several who have not been able to access their forms even though they enter the correct username and password. When I direct them to click the 'forgot username and password' link the link does not take them anywhere. Help with these items would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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