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Canine III

E-mailing Receipts

Is there any way to e-mail a Patient Walkout?  I have patients that would prefer an e-mailed receipt vs. paper, especially when calling in a credit card payment.  Since there isn't an option to transfer into an excel doc, I print it out and scan it, which takes time and doesn't reduce the paper factor.  Am I missing a different option?  If not, this would be a great addition to the next version!

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Premolar II

Re: E-mailing Receipts

bausdental‌, have you tried printing it to a PDF file and then emailing it that way?

Canine II

Re: E-mailing Receipts

How do you print it to a PDF file from PW's? I know how to get the statement/receipt to print off and then I scan it to a PDF format, save it to my desktop and then send it in an email that way. If there is a much simpler way to get it to send out without having to print it off first, save, and then email that would be much appreciated. 


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