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Editing a letter made with letter expert

Is there a way to create a merge letter for the patient (in letter expert), then potentially go back to the letter at a later time and edit it?  Also, when creating letters in the letter expert it saves them in the category available, can they be reassigned to a new category?

Thanks Erin

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

1. When you click back to Softdent under Add-ins on the merger window ( It means save and back to softdent), a copy of your merge letter is saved in the patients documents. 




Going into the patients documents you can right click on the letter to view.


However if you make any changes to the orignal letter, notice on top the Add in's is no longer there. That is because you are in Word not in SoftDent. The view l


You will receive a prompt upon exit. As you can see it says to Save. This will prompt your file save window to pop up. You can save the file anywhere on your computer. 



If you want the file back in SoftDent you would need to import it from your saved folder into the patient documents. At that point you can choose the category you want to save the document. You can add categories under System> Customzie Document Categories. 


2. There is not a way to add to the current list. That is because the record type is related to the areas where you can save documents in SoftDent.