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Enhancement request:Insurance aging report

It would be very helpful if we could run an insurance aging report.  The same way that accounts receivable can be run from oldest amount due, it would be helpful when following up on insurance claims if we could list insurance claims from the longest out/due to know which to follow up on first; especially when claims over a year out can be denied by the insurance companies for payment.  As it stands now, we have to run the outstanding insurance reports and manually go lhrough every claim to find the oldest claims.


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Re: Enhancement request:Insurance aging report

SoftDent does not technically have an insurance aging report, but you can run outstanding claims over 30, 60, 90 etc. 

What you cannot do is but drastically needs improved;

  1. run claims for a particular provider (does not work)
  2. You cannot see who the treating doctor is on the claims report – this would be very helpful when following up on claims
  3. You cannot see the Patient’s Date of Birth for Secondary claims on the report
  4. You Cannot See the Subscriber ID for Secondary Claims on the report

You cannot just pull 30 day old claims (it does everything over 30)

You should work Backwards 

Try This 


Practice management

Insurance Report 

Outstanding Claims By Company 

Uncheck all Pre Auth boxes (there are 3)

List Claims older than 120 day (work these claims first 


email me if you need additional help



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