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Canine II

Feature Request: Pop Up Health History


I was writing to have a feature request for patients. When we open their chart I would love to see a pop up that has their health history. Of course these fields could be editable so we could customize them for each office.

The reason I would love to see this feature is because we are moving toward a "paperless" future. One where we don't actually need to pull charts from our wall. If there is anything in the works like this it would be great!

Currently the medical alert is isn't quite sufficient and doesn't capture the information we need. Secondly I would love to see if this could be implemented as a tablet check-in feature. I know patients are usually pretty resistant to these types of things (especially if they're older) but we are living in the golden age of technology and I think Softdent is an amazing piece of software that still could do so much more.

Another way we could do this is have a scanned paper health history open automatically upon receipt. That would be great too! If it somehow just automatically opened a file from the documents tab.

I'm just kind of spitballin ideas here but I think they would make office efficiency really improve overall.

Please let me know what you think!