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Canine II

Features suggestions


I would like to suggest  a few features that would make things more smoother:

1. Adding Date of Birth as a option to search up a patient. Chart number is never used in our 7 offices. Patients don't know it.  Also, Social Security is very sensitive information so we don't ask for that either. patients don't like to give out their ssn. 

2. Add RX option when posting procedures in Appointment Card. Also, chart should be under options in the Transactions screen. 

3. In Appointment Card, under Appt notes-allow more characters. So we can have more important information on the routing slip for front desk and clinical team.

4. Contacts option in Transactions screen. We can add notes while we're reviewing an account. We would not have to get out and go to a different window to access Contacts. 

Canine II

Hi! We are on the "new scheduler" and have the search feature you asked for in bullet point #1,  

We are also able to add lengthy notes on the patients appointment that print on the router slip.

Which scheduler are you using?

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