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Incorrect dates on Thumb nail x-rays in Kodak

Yesterday I downloaded a FMX from 2014 from a previous DDS for a new patient that is to see us this morning.  I imported all 18 images and one by one I changed the date on the x-ray and put it in a third party mount.  Once completely mounted, I then changed the date of the mount so it is correct.  If I look in the "file" of images in kodak, all images appear as the 2014 date, as single pa's and then also in the mount.

Today as my doctor is looking at films prior to meeting the patient he is wondering how we have films taken yesterday when we are seeing her for the first time today.  He was in the patient chart at looking at thumb nail photos.  All the individual pa's showed as a thumb nail with yesterdays date on it.  There also was a thumb nail as the FMX mounted with the correct date of 2014 on it.  When he doubled clicked on a thumb nail and it brings it into full Kodak, the info on the film still keeps the incorrect date.

The problem is, Doctor could easily have mistaken a pa from the thumb nail to confirm a diagnosis when it is actually 4 years old and not current. This needs to be fixed pronto please. 

This includes showing multiple CBCT scan views from the same CBCT making it look like we have 6 scans taken.

HELP.  I have an upset Doctor!

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