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Canine III

Innaccurate account balances

I have many accounts that show two different amounts.  One amount will show the balance but then there's am insurance balance when there is no insurance claims available.  How do I correct that?

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First Molar I

@Sinie - there are a few things to check, ranking from easiest to more challenging.

1.  From the account screen (not patient screen), click on Transactions, then close that screen to go back to the account screen, watching the insurance balance in the UR part of the screen.  Sometimes, this is all it takes to clear the insurance balance.

2.  From the same account screen, option on the last of the list on the left is "validate balance.  Click on that to verify all the balances are correct.  Sometimes this clears the issues.

3.  Make sure the ICM is set correctly.

4.  If not cleared with above, I'd check to see where there is an insurance balance generated from a transaction which the claim has not been submitted.

You are officially my hero.  Thank you so much.  The ICM adjustment worked

@Sinie You're welcome 🙂