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Canine II

Is it possible to add a PDF file to a patient's chart

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Is there a way to add a PDF file into a patient's chart record?  Sometimes referring doctors send us a PDF file with an image on it and I was wondering if there is a way to add it or if it needs to be a JPEG.

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Premolar II

The charting module  will only accept image files.  JPEG will be a supported image file.  PDF files can be added into the documents tree/window for the selected patient.

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Hi Wendy,

I believe you're running PracticeWorks, whereas the original poster is running SoftDent. In PracticeWorks you can add PDF's (and many other file types) to the chart using the Attachment button. Sorry for the confusion. 

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I realized after i read further and saw the thread in my feed.  Am I not seeing in the exchange how to filter only seeing discussions for my software?  I would prefer to stay only in PW subjects.  Also is there a KDI thread?  I chose PW in my original setup, but i still see posts from all the different groups.

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