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Canine III

Missing Tooth Clauses and Frequency limitations

What would be wonderful on the next update, is if there was a check box to activate missing tooth clauses and the frequencies for treatments such as Crown, etc.  That would help keep track of patients that need retreatment before there replacement clause date. 

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First Molar I

In order for SD to theoretically do this, the Prior Placement date in tx plan/ ledger item would need to be added. Your suggestion is great!!! I add these details in the plan note section, then copy and paste into a team talk on Plan. It isn't awesome as your suggestion, but it staves off most issues. Frequency limits are added into the Bluebook notes. I have a code set that always get notes. 120.150,180,1110,1120,274,272,1206,1208, 4910 (with modifier codes), etc. The blue book notes on plan Pop up when staff members schedule, enter appt, view appt, or enter ledger/tx plan items. Its GREAT!! My hygiene never asks when patients are eligible for anything, They have all info they need. No pulling insurance to obtain the info either. Huge time saver.