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Canine II

Putting imported .jpg FMS images into a format

Good afternoon,

I have received .jpg FMS images from another office. I have imported them into the patients chart & resaved them & assigned tooth numbers. I want to put them into a format. I have opened the "use a format" list & selected Third Party/JPG FMS tab at the end of the list. I then go to history & double click on the image trying to get it to populate the frame I have selected but rather than fit into the correct frame of the format that I've picked, it opens up the image to the size of the entire computer screen! It just won't fit into the selected frame. Where am I going wrong? Any ideas anyone?  


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Premolar II

Re: Putting imported .jpg FMS images into a format

I encountered the same thing and I believe if you minimize that image you can drag it into the mount.

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