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Reports for patients that had root canals but no crowns

How can I get a report of Patients that have had a root canal but not a crown?

Carestream logged into my computer and ran the report but it was not correct.. I got patients that had root canals and crowns as well and the information was not helpful

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Premolar II

Re: Reports for patients that had root canals but no crowns

You can try the Transactions for a Period report:

1. Click Reports in the main menu bar.
2. Select Accounting.
3. Select Trans for a Period.
4. Select the desired output option.

There will be a "Date Range" plus a  "Format" (list each transaction, summarize and totals) to select.   Once you make these selections you will then move down to select the Code Range.   You can target the ADA code for Root Canals.  

This report will list all patients who has had the ADA code/procedure within the Date Range you've entered.   The customer  will be listed for each time they came in for the ADA code/procedure.


Re: Reports for patients that had root canals but no crowns

this can be done using a reports ,  patient , user selected 

including the root canal code 

excluding crown code 

this screenshot is an example of including and excluding codes 
you can use EQ if it is 1 code you use for that procedure 
GE and LE to set a range of codes ( multiple ADA codes can be used for a procedure , though that means that all codes in that range fill in same category " crowns " for example )

also you can add date range for the search using GE and LE in date for included and excluded codes 
that will narrow the search for patients who had their root canal in the last year for example  and didn't have crowns added in the last year 

though this report does take in count the tooth# so if a patient got a root canal treatment on tooth X and got a crown on tooth Y  patient wont be included in the results as he has both codes in that date range ( if selected any )