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SD Version 17.1.1 - What's New


Release Notes: CS SoftDent v17.1.1 / v117.1.1 Practice Management Software

Release Date: 10/18

The following is a list of enhancements included and issues addressed in CS SoftDent v17.1.1 / 117.1.1 All fixes are cumulative (each new release contains all new fixes as well as all fixes from the previous release) and are in addition to the new features detailed in the DPMS What’s New section of the Online Help or ReadMe document.

17.1 is no longer shipping. 17.1.1 is the latest version.

Some long standing issues to be fixed this release!

We are super excited!

Comment to be put on Priority list!



The following is a list of enhancements included in CS SoftDent v17.1.1 / 117.1.1.


Windows Server 2016 Certification

With the 17.1.1 / 117.1.1 release, CS SoftDent is certified for use with Windows Server 2016. Please note that Carestream Dental Imaging had not been certified with Windows Server 2016 at the time SoftDent 17.1.1 / 117.1.1 was released.


Enhanced Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Information

CS SoftDent 17.1.1 / 117.1.1 includes several new features related to EFT.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 1.04.15 PM.png




EFT Information Added to Register Reports

An EFT field has been added to the Daily, Weekly, Yearly, and Period Register reports.


EFT Information Added to Insurance Payment Distribution Report

EFT Information has been added to the Insurance Payment Distribution Report.


EFT Information Added to Daysheet

EFT Information has been added to the Daysheet in SoftDent 17.1 / 117.1.


Preferred Contact Method

The patients selected contact method will appear in bold italics in the Confirm Appointment window and is highlighted in yellow in the Patient Information window.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 12.55.20 PM.png 





First Name Added to Phone Center and Patient List

The Phone Center and Patient List now display the patient's first name.


Cell Phone Added as Part of Patient Record

The patient's cell phone information now appears on the Account List, Phone Center, and Patient List.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 12.41.54 PM.png


Updated Image Capture Menu Options and Tooltips

Several tooltips and menu-options have been updated to more accurately reflect the function of the options they describe.


Chart Graphic Enhancements

Add Security Setting to Accommodate Chart Removal

SoftDent application security has been modified to control which users can and cannot remove graphics from patient charts.


Permit Removal of Chart Graphic

Users can now remove graphics from a patient chart.


Chart Graphic Removal Audit Report

A report to track graphic removal from patient charts has been created.


Chart Mode and Quad View Update to Patient Banner

The Patient Banner will now display your current view as "Chart View" – "Chart Mode" – "Quadrant Information".


Charting Module Banner Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the SoftDent Charting Module banner:

 Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 12.32.24 PM.png


Patient Name Clicakble in Banner

The patient's name in the banner is now an active link. Clicking the link will display the patient information window.


Medical Alerts Clickable in Banner

The patient's medical alerts are now a clickable link in the banner. If the patient has more alerts than can be displayed in the banner, you can hover over the alerts to display the entire list. Click the link to display the patient's Medical History window.


Medical Alerts will now only show Conditions set as Medical Alerts flag's in the Condition settings.

To do this:

System > Customize Medical History > select the condition > check "Should this condition set the patient's Medical Alert flag.

You can even add custom ones here!

To view any freeform text typed into the Medical Alerts field in the Medical History window, hover the "+" symbol (Non-Cloud only).


Provider Name Added to Banner

If previously set, the patient's preferred provider appears in the banner. If no provider is assigned to the patient's account, the banner will display a dash. You can click the provider name to select a different provider; this change will be acknowledged with the word "Modified" in the banner.


Account Members Added to Banner

A link to information about additional members of the patient's account is displayed in the "In Acct" section of the banner. The banner displays the number of members in the account. Clicking the number will display the account list window.


Office 2016 Certified for Use with SoftDent 17.1.1 / 117.1.1

With versions 17.1.1 and 117.1.1, SoftDent is certified to work with Microsoft Office 2016. Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint have all been tested with the new versions and all operate as expected.


Surface Column Added to Clinical Notes List

Clinical Notes have been enhanced to include a column to display Surface information.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 12.51.04 PM.png






Assistant Review Notes Not Appearing Automatically

Assistant Review Notes are expected to display when a patient chart is opened. A software defect that prevented this from happening consistently has been fixed in CS SoftDent v17.1.1/ 117.1.1.


Group 2 Display Error

A defect that would cause multiple groups to display when the user selected Group 2 has been fixed. The defect would only occur in SoftDent v117.0 for certain patients with certain characteristics.


Daily Operatory Schedule Report Specify Rooms Error

A defect which caused an "Encountered an improper argument" error when selecting "Specify Rooms" on the Daily Op Schedule report has been fixed.


"Tickler_Entry Record Is Locked by Another User" Error

A defect which caused a " Tickler_Entry Record Is Locked by Another User" error message would the user would try scheduling a Follow Up appointment using the Electronic Router has been fixed.


Medical History Edits Not Saving

A defect that prevented a patient's medical history from being updated more than once a day has been fixed.


Clinical Notes Text Hidden when Surface Options is Modified

A defect which cause clinical notes text to become hidden when the Surface was changed has been fixed.


SoftDent Login Loses Focus

The SoftDent Login dialog box did not retain focus when the software was started, requiring the user to click the login box to complete his/her access to the software. This defect has been fixed.


TeamTalk Messages Not Displaying Correctly

A defect which caused text on the TeamTalk window to display incorrectly has been fixed.


Explosion Code Write Off Error

If there is a write off in the Explosion Code, a defect caused only the first procedure in the write-off to be used in the calculation for the production amount. This has been fixed.


Patient List and Phone Center First Name Column Displays Nickname

The Patient List and Phone Center were displaying the patient's Nickname in the First Name column. This defect has been fixed.


Clicking Add button on Compose eMail Window Causes Improper Argument Error

A defect that caused an Improper Argument Error when the Add button was clicked on the Compose E-Mail windows has been fixed.


ZIP Code Order Report Crash

A defect which caused SoftDent to terminate when selecting a ZIP code in the ZIP Code Order Report has been fixed.


Column Headings in BlueBook Not Displaying Properly

A display defect which caused the column headings in BlueBook entries to be truncated has been fixed.


MS Office License Message for Cloud Users

SoftDent Cloud displayed a message when encountering Microsoft Office licensing problems incorrectly instructed the user to contact Support when the user should contact Sales. This has been corrected.


Clicking Watch Button Changes View

A defect that caused SoftDent to improperly switch from the Overview tab to Restorative tab after viewing Watch information has been fixed.


Tx Plan Selection and Group Selection Not Dismissed Properly

The Tx Plan selection box should be dismissed when no treatment plan is selected and the user clicks anywhere else in the SoftDent window; this did not always happen. This defect has been fixed.


Treatment Plan Filter Has Too Many Options

A defect which presented too many options for a treatment plan filter (three options for a patient with two treatment plans) has been fixed.


Unable Add Treatment Plan Using an Explosion Code Chart Module

A defect which prevented from using an explosion code to add a treatment plan in the patient Chart has been fixed.


Check # Field Allows You to Enter 15 Characters but Only Saves 11

We had to revert this so it only saves 11 now but it will go back to 15 with 17.2.


Provider Window Tab Misnamed and Wrong Color

A defect where some versions of SoftDent display a tab in the Provider window with both the wrong title (displayed "Current Hrs", should have been "Contact") and in the wrong color (displayed as Red, should have been Pink) has been corrected.


SoftDent Tutorial Won't Open - Wrong Version Message

A problem with the internal version identifiers that prevented the SoftDent tutorial from running has been fixed.


Overview Tab - Date not displayed on Images in Panel

Dates have been restored to clinical images on the Overview tab.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 12.53.16 PM.png 



View Initial Button Remains Selected Treatment Plan Filter is Applied

The View Initial button no longer remains selected when the Treatment Plan filter is applied to the view.

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Premolar II

Re: SD Version 17.1 - What's New

This is great!!!  Please put us on the priority list.

Thank you for all the effort that was put forth to make this happen!

Premolar I

Re: SD Version 17.1 - What's New

Please put us on the priority list.  Eagan Family Dentistry, thank you

Premolar I

Re: SD Version 17.1 - What's New

Great work!  We normally get these updates sent to us automatically.  Do we need to to anything to make sure it is on the way?  

0 Kudos
Not applicable

Re: SD Version 17.1 - What's New

You don't have to do anything for a normal receipt but I'll add you to the priority list for faster shipping:)
Canine III

Re: SD Version 17.1 - What's New

There still are only two codes that allow for an EFT payment. 2.90 and 2.93. These are the only codes that will result in a total for EFT payments. We have 4 EFT payers now, We soon are are going to have several more payers using EFT.
If you try using a modified code e.g. 2.91 it will show as a check payment, not an EFT.

I do not see any real effort on the 17.1 upgrade to allow better accounting for EFTs.

There is no easy way to reconcile the day sheet.

The register only shows a total for EFT. No line item total for each payer.

How are users reconciling their reports if there is an error? If someone has a solution I would very much like to hear from you.
Thank you.

Not applicable

Re: SD Version 17.1 - What's New

Hello Matt,

Our EFT modifications for 17.1 are the first phase of EFT.  We expect to build on this for future releases. We have a few ideas and I'm sure you do as well. Maybe we can discuss. In the meantime, here is a way to reconcile the daysheet: 

  • Export the day sheet to Excel
  • Sort by Check number or Bank #
  • Then if needed sub total by type
First Molar I

Re: SD Version 17.1 - What's New


First, for everyone - this EFT update is the bomb.  Most of you all don't know how long some of us Softdent holdouts have been waiting for this improvement.  If you don't use EFT's, no worries.  If you don't use credit cards, no worries.  However, the day sheet improvement is just want us "dr's" ordered ;).

For you specifically, you say you have 4 EFT payors.  We likely have hundreds, but .... similar to code 2.6 - insurance payments, you don't need individualized EFT codes for each payor.  The two options, in my opinion, are useful enough to reconcile.  The day sheet now includes a specific deposit slip page for EFT payments.  And, similar to the deposit slip of the insurance checks, the insurance Plan/Company is listed as well. 

Unsure where the reconciliation issue would be ... 

First Molar I

Re: SD Version 17.1 - What's New

sorry, should have been code 2.0, not code 2.6
Canine II

Re: SD Version 17.1 - What's New

We'd like to be on the priority list please


Union Dental Center


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